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Family law firms handle many personal matters that have direct consequences to their clients’ everyday lives. Divorce, custody, child support, and adoptions all have legal aspects that require the attention of an experienced and compassionate attorney. At Angela Faye Brown & Associates, our family law attorneys are proud to help great parents protect their children during these emotional and personal legal matters.

If you are a parent dealing with a legal matter involving your family, you may need the assistance of a Missouri City family lawyer. Our family attorneys serve as your advocates throughout the legal process and could represent you in various court proceedings.

Angela Faye Brown
Owner & Chief Legal Strategist

Angela Faye Brown is an expert attorney and managing partner of Austin’s Angela Faye Brown & Associates, PLLC. As the firm’s lead attorney in family law, Angela is dedicated to helping clients prioritize their children in the difficult business of divorce and child custody. Angela possesses nearly fifteen years of experience in working with and legally representing youth, and it is her priority to ensure that children and parents get through legal proceedings (and all life-changes) with as little trauma as possible.

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Divorce Cases

Because marriage is a binding legal arrangement, getting a divorce involves more than just the emotional heartache of ending an important relationship. There are many issues that parents must address before they can go their separate ways. Married couples own property together, and one spouse may rely on the other for financial support for their children.

While some parents may be able to work together to come to an agreement, others may find that they are entirely at odds with one another regarding what they believe is fair. If two parents cannot agree, they may need to let a court decide.

Divorces involving children can become especially complex as spouses must address questions surrounding custody and financial support. Fortunately, a Missouri City family attorney from our firm could help with all these legal matters while protecting the best interests of you and your children.

Custody Arrangements in Missouri City

Whether two parents are getting divorced or were never married, if two people have shared children, they must work out a custody agreement. Co-parents must decide on a schedule that determines when the children will spend time with both parents and determine who can make important decisions about education, medical care, and other matters of upbringing.

In most situations the court believes that children are best off when they spend time with both parents. However, in rare situations, such as those involving abuse, a parent may seek sole custody.

Custody arrangements also have implications for child support payments. These agreements can be complex because parents may not have the same views on what is best for their children. A family attorney in Missouri City from our firm could help in these matters involving children by using the legal system to advantage of our clients.

Adopting a Child

Adoptions are often an exciting event for the new parents and the child. However, these matters can be complicated from a legal perspective. Between family interviews, home visits, and court hearings, the process may become stressful and intimidating.

A local family law attorney could provide guidance throughout an adoption. A laywer could help a couple work through agreements regarding whether the adoption will be open or closed and negotiate the specific terms of those arrangements.


Are You Facing Divorce? We Can Help.

If you are dealing with divorce and need the assistance of a lawyer who will protect both your interests and the interests of your children, the dedicated legal professionals at Angela Faye Brown & Associates can help.

We understand how quickly children can get lost in the shuffle when parents become obsessed with their own divorce issues, which is why we work so hard to keep parents focused on all aspects of their divorce

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Child Custody

Navigating Child Custody Laws

While child custody disputes are typically easier on a child if parents are able to work together and reach an amicable solution, such a result can be difficult to achieve given the emotionally charged nature of custody disputes.​

At Angela Faye Brown & Associates, we understand the toll custody battles can have on both parents and children, which is why we are committed to helping you resolve child custody issues in the most peaceful and cordial way possible.

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Helping Individuals Understand The Adoption Process

Adoption is one of the few choices that can make an instant and monumental impact on all of the parties involved ― including both parents and children. Regardless of whether you simply wish to expand your family or provide a home for a needy child, adoption is a great option.​

At Angela Faye Brown & Associates, we are dedicated to helping families navigate the complexities of Texas adoption law. Our goal is to help families move on with their lives,

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Speak with a Missouri City Family Attorney

If you are dealing with stressful family legal matters, look no further than Anglea Faye Brown & Associates. Our team cares for your family and children in the ways that you do. With assistance of a skilled Missouri City family lawyer, you could discover a fair and reasonable solution that only the law could provide. Call a local family attorney today to discuss your case.

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