Divorce can be traumatic for families, especially those with children. Keeping the separation as amicable as possible could help ease the stress on all family members involved and allow children to feel more secure as they see their parents working together despite a difficult process.

A Houston mediation lawyer at our firm could help parents who are struggling to make this separation process amicable for their children. Mediation allows both sides to be heard and validated while giving each parent the tools to find solutions that benefit the whole family. Our family law firm provides a safe, neutral environment for parents to work toward an agreement that can make the separation easier for them and their children.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a legal process that allows two parties to come to a mutual agreement on certain issues such as custody and child support with the assistance of a third neutral party. The mediator encourages both parties to express their ideal separation outcomes to help them reach an agreeable divorce settlement without going to trial. A mediator is a legally appointed third party who is not an attorney. Parents in Houston may attend mediation sessions without their lawyers but can request to have them present if they so choose. If one party elects for their attorney to attend, the other should do the same to ensure there is equal representation.

How Does Mediation Work?

Initially, a mediator or their assistant will speak to the divorcing couple over the phone to discuss their marriage history, the issues they have faced, and their family dynamic. They may request only basic information but could ask for in-depth details as well.

During the first meeting with the mediator, they should explain the process to the two parties. Whether both parents are present for each session will depend on how they communicate. The role of the mediator is to facilitate conversations that identify a resolution both parties can agree on, helping to protect the children and maintain family harmony as best as possible. Once both parties agree on a resolution, the mediator should help them assess what they need to do to achieve it. After the two parties establish an action plan, a Houston lawyer must write a formal agreement that addresses all the points the parties have mutually decided upon during mediation.

Benefits of Mediation

Though not all divorcing couples settle through mediation, those who do can save substantial time and money on a trial or court hearings. Mediation also allows parents to tailor their settlements to their family’s specific needs, rather than generic legal principles dictating the resolution. The mediation process offers divorcing parties greater privacy, as no one keeps a record of their discussions during each session. This allows all participants to feel more at ease and communicate in a calmer, more honest fashion.

Contact a Houston Mediation Attorney

If you are preparing to divorce, it is best to hire legal representation to explain your options as soon as possible. Our attorneys could help you to get a fair settlement that sets you and your partner up for co-parenting success and offers your family greater stability. Call a Houston mediation lawyer to learn if this type of dispute resolution could be right for your situation.